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Graduating this year?

If you’re graduating this summer and looking for a job during this challenging time, the university Careers Service has put together a special Class of 2021 careers website.

And before you click, here are some quick facts:

  • You've got access to the Careers Service for life, which means you'll get continued support even after you leave university - there's no time limit.

  • You can use your student account on the university's career portal (with job vacancies) MyCareer until the end of July, and you'll receive details on how to sign up for a graduate account in August.

  • By registering for a graduate account on MyCareer, you can continue to browse job vacancies, sign up to webinars, attend employer events and book one-to-one appointments with expert advisers.

You can also browse part-time and temporary jobs on Joblink, our student job shop - including remote working 'digital jobs' and graduate opportunities.

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Words of Advice from our Alumni

We asked the Leeds alumni community for their words of advice for the Class of 2021. Find out what they had to say below.

Joanna, 2018 Law Graduate

"Congratulations 2021 Graduates! You are amazing! Having a degree from the University of Leeds will open more doors for you than you could ever have imagined. My Leeds experience would be completely different without the Leeds Law Society. This society enabled me to grow academically by competing in competitions, get more fit by taking part in the social netball training and make friends for life, and I’m now ready to start my dream as a Trainee Solicitor two years after graduating. I know the job market may seem scary right now, but your degree from Leeds puts you in the best position to be able to take on this challenge. Now go show the world what you’re made of! Be brave, say yes and throw yourself into every opportunity."

Mohammed, 2008 LLM International Business Law Graduate

"Studying in the UK and especially at the University of Leeds has been a most satisfying experience, and it’s always a privilege to carry a degree from Leeds Uni into your career. I graduated in 2008 during the economic crisis and my hope of securing a job in the UK was shattered. I was initially dejected and frustrated. However, without losing hope, I returned to India and with a positive note, started my own law practice. Therefore, my message to the graduates of 2021 is to not lose hope, keep patience, be focused and keep working towards the goal, as we are the masters of our own destiny. Be a fighter and never rest until you have seen and achieved your goal. I wish you all the best."

Helen, 1987 French and Management Studies Graduate

"Congratulations on completing your degree in the toughest of climates. The resilience, self-learning and adaptability you've shown will do you proud in the workplace. I have very fond memories of my time in Leeds. I was very involved in the Management Society - great fun with a cool bunch of people and cocktails for 90p! As a Leeds graduate, you're well placed to succeed. Work hard, play hard and have faith in yourself. Keep trying and keep smiling, even when the road ahead is challenging."

Ruth, 1970 History Graduate

"Leeds nourished my mind. It has nourished yours too, and the habits you’ve built there will reward you on the long complicated journey of life. I specialized in ancient history and archaeology and I was in the Leeds archaeology club. I still have posters I made for meetings. We did a dig at Kirkstall Abbey and I worked in archaeology for quite a few years. Today I teach a high school archaeology class - a direct result of what I first got involved in at Leeds. This is just the beginning - you have so much more lying ahead of you - but you have the tools to tackle it all! "


You did it - you’re officially a Leeds graduate, joining a global community of more than 270,000 alumni. Finishing your degree doesn’t mean it’s the end of your Leeds journey.

In fact, the Leeds alumni community is there to support you for the rest of your life, helping you stay connected with the University and its alumni, as well as to discover volunteering opportunities, events and support from those who have walked this path before you.

This is only the beginning of your lifelong connection to the University of Leeds.

Follow the alumni community on Twitter at @leedsalumni, like the Facebook page, and make sure to keep your contact details up to date here.

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